Castings for highly loaded components:



  • industrial gearboxes
  • wind turbines
  • marine applications


More than 60% of our production consists of complex castings of different sizes for advanced gearboxes for General industrial applications, marine applications and wind turbines.


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Development / Engineering


Our foundry specialists will support you in the implementation of your projects. We will assist you in all the processes. Starting with prototype making all the way to large scale production. With the use of modern technology like rapid Prototyping, we can provide you with complex prototypes which allow design changes all this within a short period of time and with minimal costs.



We will have at your disposal the latest technology, like simulation of solidifying processes and of mould filling processes, and will assist you in meeting your requirements. We will help you optimise your specific needs for building components or help you with substitution of welding parts. Hence, giving you a complete service for realising all your building material component needs.



Quality assurance


How do we ensure and maintain high standards of quality? We apply a strict monitoring system. We monitor quality standards during all stages of production continually reducing any variations in quality.

We thoroughly register all quality related data, providing you with a documented proof of all production processes.


Our products may be delivered on request with the following certification/documentation:


  • Works certificates to DIN EN 10204-2.1. and -2.2
  • Company-specific test report to DIN EN 10204-3.1
  • Acceptance test certificate to DIN EN 10204-3.2