Casting Plant I

Production Location Foundry Plant I


At our Plant 1, located in Franzstraße Bocholt, Germany, we have a modern moulding and machining equipment foundry. Covering over 13.000 sqm of ideal processing area which is completely at your disposal. Our priority is to maintain the highest quality standards for our products and services through:


• Constant monitoring of our production
• EDP-supported documentation and data storage
• Detailed job instruction systems
• The issue of factory inspection certificates
• Direct communication between your customers` design department and our production


Here, our production team of 150 highly qualified employees produce castings from 0,5 to 10.000 kg in weight to the following quality standards: EN-GJL, EN-GJS, ADI and from both low and high-alloy special moulded materials.
The following additional production areas are also located at Franzstraße:



Manual and Mechanical Moulding Shop

Zimmermann moulding
Box size: 650 x 650x(2x230mm)
Cycle time: approx. 60 moulds/hr
Mould- Material: Greensand
Axmann concentric
Box size: max. 1.000 x 1.700(2×300)mm
Mouldmaterial: Furan resin
Manual moulding: Box size: max. 1.000 x 8.000(2×300)mm
max. 3.000 x 3.000(2×900)mm
Mouldmaterial: Furan resin




Metal Shop

Comprising: 2 Medium frequency furnaces, each 2t
2 Medium frequency furnaces, each 3t




Modern core Moulding Shop

Comprising: old box, furan resin and Croning moulding production




Pattern Making shop

2 Employees, covering the following range of services:

• Pattern making from wood, plastic, metal and polystyrene
• Production of pattern equipment using both CAD, drawings and sketches
• Inexpensive re-assembly or repairs of existing pattern equipment